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Ki vs Ka | Friends of Elderly | FOE | 12-06-2022 |

स्त्री पुरुष के रूप में एक दूसरे के दायित्वों की बात हम सब करते हैं, क्यों ना चौपाल चर्चा में बात करें अपने दायित्वों और दूसरे के सहयोग की ..
Ki vs Ka
आपके द्वारा .. आपके लिए .. एक विशेष चर्चा…
स्वयं भी जुड़िए और अपनों को भी जोड़िए,
खुल कर बोलिए… समझिए और समझाइए……. चौपाल चर्चा की प्रायोगिक प्रस्तुति…

Chaupal Charcha

How to be healthy without Medicines | Dr Aditya Vikram Kabra | Friends of Elderly | FOE | 15-05-2022 |

डॉक्टर आदित्य विक्रम काबरा
Chief & HOD Anesthesia and Critical Care | COVID Treating team Director | Navodaya Hospital


Chaupal Charcha

Facial Yoga for a smiling you | Rishika Patwari | Friends of Elderly | FOE | 10-04-2022 |

Rishika Patwari ji is an individual with strong work professionalism with over 5 years’ work experience in both public and private sectors.

As a passion in Indian Vintage system of Cosmetology and Ayurveda she has developed her own business 5 yrs ago focusing on the Long lost Indian Beauty regimes and products which also involves development and growth of the environment, underprivileged section of the society and preserving our ancient- vintage living systems. Her whole career till date has revolved around the development of children, women and needy section of the society.

Chaupal Charcha

How to be healthy without Medicines | Dipak Vats | Friends of Elderly | FOE | 27-03-2022 |

Dipak Vats is a Certified Marma Therapist, Marma Yoga coach, Holistic Healer* (Therapeutic Yog Expert with more than 10 years of Background Experience, Manual therapy, Energy Balancing, lifestyle coach), Natural fat/inch loss, Body Work, Cervical spondylosis, Knee-pain, Backache, Migraine, Anxiety, Stress Management Specialist.

Chaupal Charcha


चौपाल चर्चा | जिंदगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा | शोभा सदानी | फ्रेंड्स ऑफ़ एल्डर्ली

Healthy Nutrition And Life Style Management For Elderly
Dr Deepa Agarwal
Masters & PhD in Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Deepa Agarwal is a regular columnist with the Hindu and Times of India newspapers, Channel 6 Magazine, Tulip Magazine and also a regular speaker on Radio Mirchi and frequently appears on various TV programmes related to Nutrition. She has been featured on channels such as TV9 and NTV.
She is a member of various associations including the Indian Dietetic Association, Indian Society of Clinical Nutrition and National Institute of Nutrition. She has been associated with Apollo Hospital in Chennai and Hyderabad. Currently she is a Consultant Nutritionist for Tanvir Hospital.
At a very young age, she has many achievements under her Name and has been successful in permanent weight loss for many.

Friends of Elderly FOE

Build Your Influence Online Using Videos
by Lakshya Baheti
Graphic Designer, Social Media Analyst, Content Creator and Digital Coach
Friends of Elderly FOE

Mental Health for Better Life
Dr Madhusudan Joshi
Senior Psychiatrist
Dr. Madhusudhan Joshi is among the finest Psychiatrists in the city. He is a Psychiatrist from Osmania Medical College. Took voluntary retirement from Govt. Childpsychiatry dept. Niloufer hospital. Started his own hospital M.I.N.D. Clinic & Dr. Joshi’s Counselling Centre.
He has been past President I. M. A. Hyderabad and PAST President Hyderabad Psychiatric Society.
Presently he is consulting at Sukoon Clinic. He is known for offering excellent patient care. Being a specialised Psychiatrist, the doctor offers a number of medical services. These include Geriatric Healthcare Services among others.
Friends of Elderly FOE

Dermatoglyphics and Graphology
alternative science to identify individuals strengths and potential for happy living
Neha Vedant Jajoo
Founder, Director of IgniteUrMind
Friends of Elderly FOE

Change with the change
Krish S.Radha Krishna
Corporate Management Facilitator & TV Guest Speaker
Friends of Elderly FOE

How to prevent / manage Diabetes
Dr Arun Mukka
MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM – Endocrinology
Yashoda Hospitals
Friends of Elderly FOE

Save Merit Save Nation
Dr Anil Laddad
President Save Merit Save Nation, Maharastra 
देश को आरक्षण से खतरा हे. आजादी के समय इसकी जरूरत थी लेकिन अब इसे ख़त्म किया जाना चाहिए. नेताओ ने आरक्षण को वोट का हथियार बना लिया हे. ऐसा होने पर जाती – धर्म के आड़ मे आम जनता को लड़ाया जाता हे, जो की देश के लिए सही नहीं है – अन्ना हजारे
Friends of Elderly FOE

Life, a wonderful journey – How to enjoy it…
Manasi Gagrani Bhadade
Educationist, Motivational Speaker, YouTuber, Blogger…

Mansi has received several awards like: 1) Shiksha Gaurav award 2018 2) Indian Icon award 2018 – 2019
Topics covered in this session are
1) Smile
2) Emotional freedom
3) Expectation + Addiction = Depression
4) Some NLP techniques
5) Positive thinker or Possibility thinker
6) Happiness Exercises
Friends of Elderly FOE

Confidence Building, Self Awareness and Decision Making
JB Kabra
International Motivational Speaker
Certain questions bother all of us.
What role Self confidence plays for one’s success?
Who am I ?
What is purpose of my existence?
Why is it some people are successful and others remain Ordinary?
Why some people are quick in taking even complex decisions where as some people suffer from paralysis of analysis and miss the bus.
These questions will be dealt at length by J.B. KABRA, Mumbai
Friends of Elderly FOE

What you Should Know About Writing a Will (Vasiyat)
Advocate Mahesh Agarwal
Friends of Elderly FOE

दैनिक जीवन मे वास्तु और ज्योतिष का महत्व
Pradeep Bansal
Jyotish & Vaastu consultant
Friends of Elderly FOE

भाग्यवान होते हुए भी भाग्यहीन जीवन जीना या परम भाग्यवान बनना : भगवद् गीता द्वारा- चयन हमारा
CA Janardandas Kabra
Choosing between our present fortunate situation to make it unfortunate or to make it more fortunate
Friends of Elderly FOE

Tips for designing your dream home
Nidhi Jaju
MD – Xclusive Interiors
Friends of Elderly FOE

Emotional Intelligence
J.B. Kabra
International Motivational Speaker
Friends of Elderly FOE

मस्ती में जिएँ – Definition of Happiness by Geeta
Dr Sanjay Malpani
National head of Geeta Pariwar
Friends of Elderly FOE

Oral health for overall health
– advances in Dental treatment delivery
Oral health for overall health
– advances in Dental treatment delivery
Dr Pavan Baldava
Friends of Elderly FOE
Friends of Elderly FOE

सात फेरे क्यो हे आज अधूरे – कारन और निवारण – मंथन और चर्चा
U Ramamohan, Superintendent of Police, Cyber Forensic Expert, A.P.
Dr Anuradha Jaju, Psychology Counsellor & National Motivational Speaker
Pradeep Bansal, Jyotish & Vaastu consultant
Ravindra Bajaj, Advocate
Friends of Elderly FOE

How I Can Make My India Proud
Manisha Saboo
Associate Vice President and Delivery Head at Infosys
Friends of Elderly FOE

आयुर्वेद – बुजुर्गो का सहारा
Ayurveda the science of life by
Dr. Rajshri Soni
Consultant Ayurvedic Physician
Dr. Rajshri Soni specializes in Panchkarma Therapy, Nadi Pariksha, Yoga and Nutrition. She is Practicing Ayurveda since 1999 in Hyderabad at Raaj Multispeciality Hospital, Himayatnagar.
She completed Panchkarma specialisation from Nagpur, Nadi Prashikshan under vaidyaguru Sanjay Chajjed – Mumbai, Yog Prashikshan from Patanjali Yogpeeth – Haridwar, Nutrition Advisor from Nutrilite Health Institute, California. She is a Member of Viswa Ayurved Parishad & Prabha Ayurved Foundation.
Friends of Elderly FOE

विवाह के रीती रिवाज़
Pandit Ram krishna Pandey
पंडित और रिटायर्ड प्रिसिपल नवजीवन वुमेन्स कॉलेज
Friends of Elderly FOE

सुपर किड्स : अपेक्षा और परिणाम
Super Kids

Dr Anuradha Jaju
Psychology Counsellar & National Motivational Speaker

Friends of Elderly FOE

Second Inning – Lets play safe for Healthy Ageing & Happy Living
Dr. Sachin Marda
Consultant Oncologist and Robotic Surgeon
Friends of Elderly FOE

ज्योतिष भ्रम और निराकरण
Jyotish Bhram aur Nirakaran
Pradeep Bansal
Jyotish & Vaastu consultant 
Friends Of Elderly FOE

Overview of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012


by Advocate Ravindra Bajaj
Friends Of Elderly FOE